Great Scott! Incredible, Previously Unknown Facts About ‘Back To The Future’

The Back to the Future trilogy was one of the most epic set of films from the 1980s (okay, the third one was released in 1990).  Marty McFly and his wild-haired scientist friend, Dr. Emmet “Doc” Brown, travel through time in a DeLorean time machine. Let’s revisit this iconic movie with 21 fun facts, the last of which might cause you to shed a tear, or maybe a cheer, depending where you stand.

1. The 41st time is a charm.


The original Back to the Future script was rejected 40 times! Disney actually said “NOPE” due to the fact that Marty McFly shares a kiss with his 1955 mother, stating it was too dirty and incestuous. Universal Studios finally said yes and, well, the rest is history, er, future.

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