This Hamster Eating Your Favorite Food in Miniature Versions is Too Cute

File this one under I can’t even. We could spend all day watching this little hamster stuff his sweet little cheeks with tiny treats. Youtube user HelloDenizen went viral with posts of his furry friend eating made-to-size replicas of our favorite food in mini-settings worthy of a Hollywood movie. Scroll through to see our favorite Tiny Hamster posts and make sure to watch the last video- our little hammy pal takes a trip to the most magical place on earth.


It all started with a burrito.

In this video, we watch a chef make a miniature masterpiece rolled up into worlds smallest tortilla and set it on a poker chip plate. He creates a beautiful outdoor mini-restaurant, complete with a seated table. Enter the hamster. Will he partake in this fancy meal? Watch and see (it’s super cute)!

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